Suzanne Samuels


Showing work in JRA Day In Person

Artist Statement:

Suzanne Samuels has a background in graphic design, having attended The Corcoran School of Art. Over time her work has transformed from designing in the two dimensional into the three-dimensional worlds of jewelry and stone carving. Her sense of balance and love of asymmetry shine through in many of her designs. In her jewelry, Suzanne creates wearable treasures made from metals such as sterling and fine silver, as well as a large variety of precious and semi-precious stones.

Most of Suzanne's stonework is done in alabaster or soapstone. Her vision and style is combined with skill to create graceful and distinct objects. No two works can ever be the same. Each is hand carved and polished, with thought to how form and texture meet with movement and balance.

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Photos by Rae Samuels