Elyse Demaray


Artist Statement:

I find beauty in simple, natural forms accentuated by unexpected textures and color contrasts. At times I look back to ancient art for inspiration, such as the basic human forms in Native American rock drawings. At other times I explore modern and contemporary art. The clean lines and minimalist aesthetic of early-mid 20th century visual art have shaped my own pared-down style. The joy of discovering the unexpected drives my work. Finding new textures, for example, and highlighting them with gold or a dark patina can take me in a new direction. I work in sterling silver, 24K gold, and semi-precious stones, striving to push the limits of my materials and my own creative impulses. Processes such as etching, patination, and keum-boo (fusing 24K gold to silver) add rich texture and deep color contrasts to my work. My greatest hope is that my jewelry will bring joy to others.

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