Christine Goh


Artist Statement:  

In her ceramic works, Christine Goh seeks a merging of fluid and static elements, a tactile connection in the space between boundaries.  Boundaries of land and water, manmade and nature, unusual creatures and objects shaped by the environment and passage of time. She explores the structural and aesthetic possibilities of clay by designing, throwing, altering, carving, and assembling composite forms. The forms are canvases for slips, stains, and glazes.

She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Architecture degrees from the National University of Singapore. Upon graduation, she practiced architecture in Singapore and Tokyo with an emphasis on contemporary design. While living in Thailand, she began her journey, creating forms in clay. Presently, her functional and sculptural ceramics are reduction or soda high-temperature fired at Glen Echo Pottery, Glen Echo Park, Maryland. She is a current member of the Glen Echo Pottery Gallery.

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