Carol Samour


Artist Statement:

Beads have always been objects of desire, particularly as related to the human body, male or female.  Beads convey wealth, power, status, and identity, along with telling stories about people and their culture.

I enjoy creating contemporary/minimalist and ethnic/tribal one-of-a-kind articles of adornment for the human body that carry an honest, elegant, basic simplicity and yet have bling.

The work is hand strung bead by bead and evolves into a treasured statement of wearable art that any woman, regardless of status and/or walk of life, can wear with pride, either day or evening.

Beads are found everywhere throughout the world. The art of beadwork has existed in many peoples' daily lives for millennia. As new ideas and concepts are incorporated, the art stays alive and fresh.

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Photos by David Harmon