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Meg Dickerson says that crreating work from clay is a challenge that excites and frustrates her every day.

Manipulating form and surface is what she loves; maintaining a traditional focus on detail is what she strives for.  She is not one to fuss over a single piece.  Rather, she pushes forward, using the last piece as a template to improve the next.  No single piece is so precious that it can't be chucked into the reclaim bucket to clear the way for the next one.

Her tools are simple; methods uncomplicated.   She throws as well as using the slabroller with a porcelain or stoneware body that is usually agreeable to both processes.  She does a lot of texturing on  that is influenced by my attraction to the tribal art and architecture of West Africa.  She finds these often-ancient designs to be spare and complex, functional and beautiful.  She is never bored in the studio. There are always avenues to explore, problems to solve, deadlines to meet.

A successful piece, to her, is timeless and quiet, one that will grow to be a visual piece of the user's life.

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