Jennifer Bernhard Hatfield


Showing work in JRA Day In Person

Artist Statement:

Clay is a medium with endless possibilities. As such, I continuously experiment with all types of methods and materials. Presently my work deals with simple forms that provide a canvas for rich surfaces. The vessels are playful, yet provocative, with bold images of botanicals and geometric patterns. Ultimately my goal is to reach a point where I am as pleased with the usefulness of a piece as I am with its vitality of form. The vessels are made from red earthenware and decorated with terra sigillatas. The texture and depth are a result of sgrafffito and resist techniques. All the work is food safe. The best way to care for the ware is to hand wash only.

My sculptural work represents the interaction of form, surface, and movement. The pieces are inspired by a variety of catalysts, which may include tools, toys, or forms inherent in the natural world. At times a found object may trigger the need for a structure to house the form, while in another instance an addition might serve to complement the work

Initially propelled by my fascination with materials, structure, and abstraction, the work is further enhanced by my interest in surface and movement. The constant play between texture, line, and form drives the energy of the pieces. I use varied techniques to create works, which in their juxtaposition of parts function as a compelling sculptural statement.

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Photos by Greg Staley